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We are seeking people with experience in all aspects of filmmaking, from producers, directors, fundraisers, writers, cinematographers, publicists, and everyone else needed to make many successful films to promote peace.

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Become a Volunteer

We need people who are devoted to the cause of peace to lend their time and talent to our work. Perhaps you can help with networking with other organizations. Perhaps you have a talent in fundraising. Perhaps you enjoy doing research and fact-checking. Perhaps you enjoy public-speaking and can help create an effective network of speakers. Perhaps you have more ideas for projects that will promote the cause of peace.  Whatever you can contribute will be welcomed.

Informatics workshop at university. Rear

We invite students and educators to join our work. Let us know your experience.  Consider the educational resources of the United States Institute of Peace as well as the Costs of War Project by Brown University.

Join us to promote peace around the world. Please contribute your time, talent and treasure to this noble cause.

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