Working Towards a More Peaceful World

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We help promote projects designed to educate people and government officials about the full spectrum of the costs of war on every level.  We advocate for peace and peacebuilding over militarism.


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An overview: The costs of war, and the need for peacebuilding

Costs of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

       By the Costs of War Project of Brown University

Over 480,000


have died due to direct war violence, and many times more indirectly due to malnutrition, damaged infrastructure and environmental degradation.



have been killed as a result of the fighting at the hands of all parties to the conflict



war refugees and displaced persons

What the United States Institute of Peace is doing to help

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Three Ways To Make a Difference


We are seeking people with experience in all aspects of filmmaking.

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We need people who are devoted to the cause of peace to lend their time and talent to our work.

Informatics workshop at university. Rear

We invite students and educators to join our work. 

Join us to promote peace around the world. Please contribute your time, talent and treasure to this noble cause.